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Extended sale period of 51 percent of shares in the authorized capital of JSC "Ferganaazot" by a selection of the best proposals from potential investors

// 02 May 2020 year

The decision of the State Commission for Conduct of the Tender Sales at Sales of the State-owned Property (reg.: №02/1-1328 from September 30, 2019) amended the conditions for the sale of shares in JSC "Ferganaazot", providing for the sale of shares by selecting the best offers of potential investors with the participation of an investment consultant

Uzkimyosanoat JSС reports, the company has committed to enroot «Rules of corporate governance for company with state participation»

// 10 July 2018 year


// 05 April 2016 year

First of all, on behalf of Uzkimyosanoat JSC let me express our respect and wish you success to your esteemed company. We have the honor to represent you Uzkimyosanoat JSC, which consists of 14 production enterprises, 13 regional distribution organizations and others, that produce more than 180 types of products, as well as provide a full range of services, including transportation, delivery and others. In total, our industry employs more than 40,000 highly qualified personnel, and also has its own design and research organizations. Uzkimyosanoat JSC - is the only company in the region to produce all three types of fertilizers (N - nitrogen, P - phosphorus and K - potassium), methanol and caustic soda. The third major producer of urea and ammonia in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the fourth on production of ammonia and ammonium sulfate.

Announcing international selection of a consultant

// 28 December 2014 year

State Joint Stock Company Uzkimyosanoat and Directorate for Construction of Rubber Products Plant LLC is announcing international selection of a consultant for the project "Organization of production of 100 thousand ex/m of conveyer belts, 3.0 mil. pcs of PCR tyres and 100 thousand pcs." in Angren SIZ on turnkey contract basis.

The tenders are announced for the purchase of installation for salt washing machinery for the “Kungrad Soda plant”

// 17 December 2014 year

The tenders are announced for the purchase of installation for salt washing machinery for the “Kungrad Soda plant”. The tender is open for the foreign (non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan) as well as local manufacturers (suppliers), including small business entities (hereinafter referred as “Applicant”), which are met the requirements for participation in tender, and have supply practice in relevant volumes of production in tenders, and also are producers and/or authorized suppliers of the purchasing product (which has relevant power of attorney from the manufacturer of the proposed product).